“Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tyberius but you can call me Ty for short. As you may be able to tell from my photo, I’m a black labrador retriever and I weigh 69 pounds. I am a well seasoned boy who is 12 years of age.

“I had a dog brother who was my companion but he passed away. He was the alpha and I was the submissive one. It’d be nice to find a home with a dog who will be my friend.  I have developed anxiety because I’m alone so much and because of that, I take pills to help me. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to take this medication. Perhaps in my new home with another friendly dog and people around more often I won’t need the pills? I spend a lot of time alone now and I’ve been escaping from my yard. My people are afraid I’m going to be hit by a car.

“I have lived with cats and kids and done well with them. I’m a little clumsy sometimes so if you have really young kids, I may not be a good fit for you. I hope to find a home where I don’t have to be outside in a dog house.  I think that’s part of my problem, I don’t want to be away from everyone! I have so much love to give. When I’m allowed to be inside, I can hold it for about 6-7 hours. When I get to sleep inside the house at night, I’ll go all night without needing to go out. I need a home with someone who will be patient and understanding with me but mostly, I need a home with someone who will love me forever.  I try very hard to be the best boy I can be.

“Walks are SO MUCH FUN but I will pull when I’m on leash so one must be strong enough to manage that. I know how to play with a ball by myself but it’s much more fun when my humans will play ball with me.  I hope my new people will have time to play ball with me. I will admit I’m a chewer, even a senior dog will chew things up when they’re bored!

“I’m a silly and sweet dog who needs a new home very, very soon. Will you help me find one, please?”

Tyberius is located in Ridgefield, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.