FOUND – ODH permanent foster home:     Lhasa apso, 15 years old, maybe 12#, not neutered.   This adorable little guy has been wandering around the streets in his neighborhood as his people are selling their house to move away.  They can’t take him along so he needs a safe loving home quickly.   He seems to be fine with other dogs, has lived with cats and kids, is good on a leash and really LOVES to go walking!    He’s housebroken and will stay inside quietly even if left for a while, but clearly is used to being out on his own so will need a well fenced yard or someone able to take him out and go walking a lot.    He is quiet, friendly, companionable but not clingy.   We know nothing at all about his health (but he really is 15 years old so undoubtedly will have issues to address) but he’s still mobile and alert.     Badly in need of professional grooming, however!

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