What a face! His name is Bonzo and he is a 14-year-old pit bull who weighs about 45 pounds. Life has drastically changed for this sweet boy.  His owner passed  away and now Bonzo is living alone in the home with family coming to feed and care for him twice a day. Bonzo is understandably very lonely.  He has never lived with other dogs but is said to be socially appropriate when meeting them but he should not go to a home with cats.  He has been good around school-aged kids.  Bonzo doesn’t need much exercise but he does love to run around his fenced yard and if you can take him for a walk he would be thrilled.  He is said to be stiff so a home with many stairs would probably be very hard on him.  Currently Bonzo is able to go without many potty breaks but, because of his age, he shouldn’t have to “hold it” too long.  Like most dogs he enjoys his treats and if you ask him to say “please” he will “speak” very quietly.  Bonzo is described as a friendly, loveable dog. He is in Maple Valley, ready to be someone’s companion again.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.