Little Victoria is a shih tzu/pekingese (peke-a-tzu) about 9 years old, an affectionate lovebug who is very snuggly and a total sweetheart.  She has had both eyes removed due to severe disease and is adjusting quite well to her blindness.   Dogs do very well without their sight!   She also had two mammary tumors removed, they are next expected to recur.    She has some allergic dermatitis which will need some extra care.    Despite all that she’s been through at the to get back to good health, this little one is adaptable and outgoing.  She seems to do well with other small dogs also.

Victoria is posted for King County Pet Adoption Center, 21615 64th Ave S, Kent WA.   For more information please ask about ID# A569789 when you call 206-296-3936.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


  • Regional King County Animal Services
  • Phone: 425-406-8081