Violet was a true miracle dog. She spent her first 3 days out of the shelter in a veterinary emergency hospital. Thanks to donors, she saw a neurologist, cardiologist and internist. Her prognosis was guarded; we were told we would be lucky if she lived 8 months.

Violet graced her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home for 3 1/2 years. She had the best veterinary care because she was an Old Dog Haven dog. Violet thrived in her home. It was hard to believe how sick she had once been. She pranced and barked and made everyone who met her fall in love with her. Violet was a truly special girl; a tiny treasure.

Violet’s foster family knew that they were given a priceless gift in the time they had with her. When it was time to send her on, it was very hard but her family takes comfort knowing she stayed far longer than anyone ever imagined she would.  This 4 pound princess left a giant hole in her family’s hearts. Violet will always be missed and  remembered with a smile.