Wanda was a very pretty old dachshund with multiple health issues. The shelter asked us to take her, she was curled up miserable and they thought she was close to the end. She had a huge belly and more than likely had Cushings. Her eyes were very infected because of untreated dry eye. Wanda’s mouth was full of rotting teeth that undoubtedly caused her a lot of discomfort. We tried hard to “fix” her. During dental surgery she started to bleed dangerously and her blood pressure dropped so the surgery had to be cut short. She saw the animal eye specialist 3 times in 4 weeks and her fosters were applying various ointments to her eyes 11 times a day. When it was decided the only cure for her painful eyes was removing them, we knew it was time to let her go. Her foster family was very sad to have so little time with her but they knew in that time Wanda had known love, comfort and some happy times.