It has now been over four years that little Willie has graced the ODH Final Refuge page! It is time for an update! How Willie has stayed so healthy and spunky in his advanced years is amazing. He will still guard his territory fiercely despite being 4 ½ pounds, toothless and at least 17 years old. (The 6’5″ Comcast repairman was amused when Willie tried to take him down!) After he realizes he cannot intimidate any newcomer he will retire to his bed in front of the fire in one of his cozy sweaters.

This little boy will seek warmth wherever he can, so his hot water bottle is constantly being monitored and he sleeps under the covers with mom. Willie is losing the bone in his lower jaw and is now drooling a good deal as his tongue is always out. A slurry type of meal is just fine to him and he has a hearty appetite. His eyes and thyroid are closely monitored (and medicated) and these seem to be the only minor health issues.  Cheers to this spunky, one of a kind, well-loved Chihuahua!

Update:  Willie spent nearly 5 years with his ODH mom, running the household and digging completely into her heart. He defended her from any and all intruders, kept her smiling when times were tough, and loved her as much as she loved him. As he became a very old dog his body started to fade, that lower jaw had receded so much that eating became very difficult and life started to be a struggle. His mom wanted to spare her tough little fellow any pain and put aside her needs to let him go peacefully, surrounded by love. That tiny dog’s huge presence will be missed.