This big handsome Lab mix Wilson, came to ODH in summer 2013 from the shelter, not terribly old but with a cancerous mast cell tumor between his toes. After surgery to remove the tumor, we know that it is likely to reoccur somewhere but he doesn’t know that and is quite the happy boy. His foster mom says: “He is a very sweet and gentle giant. He has become the family protector and will follow us around outside to make sure we are safe. He loves to come with us to feed the farm animals and waits and watches at the gate to make sure no one has hurt us. He gives us his big sad ‘let me sleep with you in your bed’ eyes and we can’t refuse him a nap in bed with us. When he first came to us from the shelter, he was a bit reserved and unsure. He did not like to be handled and could be head-shy as if he’d been handled roughly in the past. After living with us for five months, he is finally himself and has shown us how much he loves to play. He has recently started playing chase with us and loves to run at us at high speeds and stop at the last second…. He always seems to have a huge smile on his face now and his tail always wags. He finally seems to feel safe and secure.”

Update:  After his initial medical issues were treated, dear Wilson had almost 6 years with his wonderful family before he suddenly became very ill and they had to say goodbye.  He was healthy and showed clearly how much he loved his home and all ‘his’ people.  Wilson will be greatly missed.  A very special boy who is a perfect example of what Old Dog Haven does best.