This is Wrangler! She is a sweet 9-10 year old Border Collie/shepherd mix. She is spayed and house trained. Her estimated weight is about 60 pounds. Wrangler was recently fully vetted and she got a clean bill of health! She is a healthy young senior!

Wrangler was raised in a home with other dogs and children who are kind to her. She does fine, as long as the new dogs give her some time. Wrangle does not do well with puppy nips!! She is not great around chickens, but other large livestock is not a problem. Wrangler should have a secure fenced home as she lived a life previously where she was allowed to roam and once ended up several miles away foraging to survive!

Wrangler lives to be with her people. The death of her owner has sent her on a two year journey to find a forever landing spot. Wrangler is devoted, loving and smart. Wrangle is so deserving of the home she has been waiting for. Please consider giving this girl a home!

Wrangler is posted for Becky’s Best Buddies. She is located in Chewelah, WA. For more information about Wrangler, please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.