10 year old Wrigley is a unique looking boy hoping to find a calm home. We are told he is a 20 pound blend of border collie and chihuahua. Wrigley needs a home where his people are home more often than not.

Wrigley needs a child free home.  Wrigley has lived well and been friendly with other nice dogs but he has not been observed around cats. Wrigley sounds like a very friendly boy who enjoys the company of other dogs and lap time with his humans. Up until recently Wrigley got to sleep in the bed with his people. We would guess he would love to be able to do that again!

At only 10 years old, Wrigley enjoys physical activity. He had been a hiking and running buddy before his owners started to grow their family. Wrigely thoroughly enjoys daily walks and getting out in a secure area to run and play fetch. A home with outdoor space would be amazing for Wrigley! We are told he can pull on leash some but he responds well to treats so one could work on his leash skills and improve his outings even more. Wrigley can manage stairs at this time without issue.

Wrigley has been sensitive to an environment with noise that is sudden and unexpected. City life had been stressful for him so he went to stay with family where people were home more often and he didn’t have to be crated. Currently Wrigley takes prozac to help with his anxiety though moving to a home with a yard and not an apartment, has made a big difference for Wrigley. Wrigley has been through so many changes recently after many years of routine and it has been hard on him.

In his new (but temporary) environment, Wrigley is doing much better about getting out to potty, no accidents, going out every 5-6 hours. One will need to continue to work with him on this and know that at first, one may need to be more aware of getting him out to relieve himself. Wrigley is not a barky dog but will bark to let you know when someone is at the door or when he meets other dogs.

Wrigley sounds like a fun, loving dog who just needs an adopter who will take all things into consideration and give him time to adapt once more. He’s ready for a new and final way of life where he can have more time with his people, showing them what a good and loyal boy he can be!

Wrigley is located in Tualatin, OR. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Wrigley is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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