“My name is Xena, like Xena the Warrior Princess. But unfortunately I’m not a princess, I’m a 9 year old, 40 pound shepherd mix who needs a new home. Sad and unfortunate circumstances are the reason I’m losing the only home I’ve ever known.

I used to have a dog companion but a home has been found for him already. A new home with another dog would be fine, as long as they are nice to me. I’ve not ever lived with cats so I can’t tell you how I’d react to one but I have lived around horses and chickens. I have been known to hunt squirrels and possums.

A home with kids age 7 and over could be nice. I’m not a fan of loud, sudden movements; I tend to shy away from that.

I am a very smart girl- “intelligent”-is how I’m described.I have been very well trained. I know basic commands and I have been taught to stay off the furniture inside my house. I’m not a barky dog unless it’s to alert my people to a stranger’s arrival. I am a good girl on leash and off leash too. I love to run! Exercising is FUN. I do have a touch of arthritis in my back and when I hurt, my human gives me a couple of pills to help.

Currently I’m spending my days outdoors and my evenings on my porch in an insulated crate. This is because our house is ready for sale. It’s not what I am used to but I’m being a good sport about it. I’d really like to find a new home soon where I can spend only the time I want to outside. I know how to use a dog door. I can stay alone inside the house without any problems while you’re away.

My human says I’m perhaps the happiest dog on the planet and I’m not shy about showing it. I smile, prance and dance when I’m excited. But I’m not a super needy dog. I’m pretty independent for the most part but that doesn’t mean I won’t make you a faithful companion.

Do I sound like the dog you’ve been waiting for? I sure hope so, as I need to find a new home soon.”

Xena is in Roy, Washington ready to join her new family.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.