Zera is an 8 year old Dachshund mix who was dumped at a shelter with her (final!) litter of puppies. She was timid and distrusting, with multiple tumors hanging from her belly. After a brutal surgery which would need to be repeated to remove all the tumors, a diagnosis of cancer limited her options. By this time, she had bonded HARD with her foster mom, who says “Zera is a joy to be around. Her manners are perfect, and she is happily perms-glued to my side. She blossoms more each day, and for as long as she has left – be it 2 weeks or 8 years – Zera will know three things: She is safe. She is cherished. She is home.”

Update: After more than four years in her ODH home, Zera’s health declined rapidly. Perhaps the cancer had finally caught up with her? She was sent on her way with much love and has taken a part of her ODH mom’s heaert with her.