Zeus – the saddest dog that ever was. You would be too if months later still no one wanted you.

Since arriving at Camano Animal Shelter Association in August of 2017, Zeus has been the single most overlooked animal at the shelter. When 10 year old Zeus first arrived he was a sight for sore eyes.. his body was riddled with damage and secondary infection from long term allergies. No part of his body was exempt – paws, eyes, belly, tail, ears..

Zeus has had a lot of care and food trials since arriving at CASA. Right off the bat he was vetted and finally, a food was found that Zeus could take without reaction. Within a week he was growing hair and the allergic reactions were almost completely tamed!

Although this was a turning point for Zeus and his health, he remained an ornament in his kennel as the daily visitors walked the building. After all, he was also a senior – one with arthritis, permanent stiffness, and even one side of his face seemed like it may have fallen victim to a stroke at some point in his life. The dog shelter staff and volunteers all loved from the start, that charmed from day one was losing hope and becoming very depressed.

No matter how loving shelter staff are, regardless of how many volunteers make an animal their favorite and spend every volunteer moment with them – this is not a home, there is no couch, there is no human to hold them during the night. Yes, Zeus has some restrictions for his adoption, but other dogs with similar criteria are adopted regularly. Why not Zeus?

Zeus is a large lapdog – he weighs 80 pounds. He does need a home with NO CATS OR MALE DOGS. He has lived with female dogs of all sizes in the past but it appears he’d do best in a home with another calm, mature dog or even better-as an “only” dog. Zeus lived with children in his previous home.

Zeus knows a variety of commands like: Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Shake/High Five, he spins in circles on command and is leash trained. He loves a good ball to play with or chew on and is very affectionate and loves to play. Zeus needs to be indoor with play and potty time outside. He spent too many years outside and really is over that! He loves his warm indoor space here and never wants to stay outside too long. He also longs to be a real member of a family. One that will commit to him through the rest of his senior years.

ZEUS WILL HAVE A STRICT DIET REQUIREMENT that isn’t terribly cheap. Shelter staff will discuss this with potential adopters. Zeus also takes a strong joint supplement and Rimadyl as needed for joint pain.

Are you a match for our this boy? Are you serious about sticking to a strict diet for a dog? Are you the king or queen of commitment? Do you have the heart of a true rescuer? Do you have room in your life for Zeus?

Zeus is posted for the Camano Animal Shelter Association on Camano Island, WA.  You can head on over to the shelter and meet Zeus in person or contact the shelter with any questions.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.