Zeus the Pug was left at a shelter in pretty bad shape. His skin was a mess, he had chronic ear inflammation, but his eyes were what disturbed the shelter staff enough to call ODH. His eyes had been badly damaged by “dry eye,” he couldn’t blink, and he’d had trauma to one eye. All that had caused blindness; he sees just shadows from one eye and nothing else. Worse yet, the lack of tears and inability to blink were very painful. Zeus settled in quite easily to his home with other pugs and learned the house and the routine quickly. He saw the opthalmologist who started him on medication that has made his eyes much more comfortable and kept that tiny bit of vision. Meanwhile, our vet treated his ears and skin infection, both of which will be an ongoing issue. He has some disc damage in his spine – another pug problem – and an enlarged heart but so far is really enjoying his life and his family. Little Zeus is a far happier guy now and his ODH family loves him.

Update:  After a wonderfully long time, it was finally time to let little Zeus go – he had been a much loved member of the family and really enjoyed his finally refuge home.  He will be very much missed.