“My name is Ziggy and I’m a nice boy looking to find a forever home. People often mistake me for a puppy but I am 11 years old! I’m what you get when you mix a Bichon with a Havanese, a cutie, right?! I weigh 15 pounds which is, I think, a good weight for a dog. I’m not too small but I’m certainly not large!

“My person has been an elderly woman. She has loved me well but now she is unable to take care of me. Her extended family cannot keep me but they have stepped in to help find me a new home. I have not spent too much time alone but when I do, I prefer being in my crate for coziness. I sleep in there at night too. I’m very cuddly!

“For a short time I lived with another dog. I sometimes get nervous when meeting new dogs but I think I’d be OK with another one if they are nice to me and older like myself. I have lived with cats. I like kids! They are good for petting if they are old enough to know to be gentle and treat me with kindness. I really love people!

“I try to be a good boy at all times. I can manage about 5 hours before I need a potty break. It’d be nice not to have to wait so long to relieve myself. I can hold it through the night! I am not much of a barker. I know some verbal commands. I have not had too much practice walking on a leash. I hear a harness is nice to walk on, maybe my new people will get me one and take me for walks. That’d be fun! I can do stairs but if I get tired, because I am only 15 pounds, you can carry me!

“My ideal home would be one with a family, maybe another dog like myself, even one with a nice kitty. I would like to be more active, go for short walks or get to go along on family outings. Of course my new family should be able to afford my veterinary care, good dog food and grooming expenses. With good care, I could live quite a few more years! My hope is that I’ll find a home where I can stay for the rest of my days. I hope to find that home soon.”

Ziggy is located in Snohomish, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.