Here’s Zoe, a girl ​who sounds really terrific! She’s said to be a chihuahua who weighs a smidge over 20 pounds. Zoe was originally “a rescue” found stray, so her true age is unknown. Her current family tells us she is about 10 years old.

Zoe currently lives with another dog and  she’s said to be “indifferent” when meeting new dogs. She will chase cats though! Zoe is living with a toddler now and would prefer home with kids aged at least 10 and over.

Zoe is crate trained. She can go quite a long time without needing a potty break. At this time however, she’s spending most of her time in a laundry room. so it would be really nice for her to find a home where she can be out and about as she desires. Zoe is said to be a mellow girl who is very affectionate.

We are told that Zoe is clicker trained, she knows quite a few commands. She is very good on leash and enjoys daily walks.  At the dog park we are told she heads straight for the nearest person sitting on a bench. She loves people and likes to make them feel special.

Recent blood work done by her current owner shows she may have some early kidney disease. An adopter should be ready and able to provide further care as needed. We think Zoe sounds like she will be worth the effort!

Zoe is in Olympia, hoping to find an adoptive home soon.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.