Zoe, a 12-year-old cocker spaniel, was very bonded to her original owner. When he died, she spent most of her time in a back room of a family member’s home, shaking in her crate. Zoe had chronic back problems, a cough, many issues with her teeth, ear infections, and several tumors. We got her on pain meds, did a dental, removed the concerning tumors, are keeping an eye on her heart murmur, and are treating her ears. After all that plus a change of environment and a haircut, Zoe seems to feel like a million bucks! She has really blossomed in her foster home, wants to be involved in all activities, easily handles stairs, and is no longer interested in her crate at all. She even breaks into a happy gallop on her nightly walks. We are happy that Zoe has found joy in life again. Sweet Zoe was lost very suddenly, after two days of not feeling well. A quickly arranged ultrasound showed cancer spread all through her abdominal cavity and internal organs, there was nothing to be done but say a loving goodbye. She had so enjoyed her time in her ODH family who only wishes she could have stayed longer. A wonderful little dog who will be remembered with love. Zoe passed away March, 2015.