Handsome Zuko is a 100 pounds of Lab, Rottweiler, and Bernese Mountain dog who turns 11 in December of 2018. What a hunk, right? Good looks and he’s a terrific dog too! Zuko is a retired service dog. He has been a loyal, faithful, obedient service dog to 2 different disabled seniors. Zuko is now ready to find a home where he no longer has a job. He’s ready to be a dog who just enjoys his golden years.

Being a service dog, Zuko spent all of his time with his people which can lead to a dog with separation anxiety if left alone. Thankfully his current person has been leaving him alone to get him used to not having constant company. Ideally he will find a home with someone who doesn’t leave him full time, that may be too hard on him. Someone with a part time job or a person who will leave him for short periods of time would be fine and healthier for Zuko. We are told he can go about 5 hours before he needs a potty break.

Zuko has lived with other dogs and cats too, he is said to be good with both. Zuko is fine with children but he’s not playful; he’s “tolerant” which we think means he’d probably prefer a home with older kids. Zuko is terrific when meeting new people, people LOVE him and stop his person to meet Zuko and say what a beautiful dog he is.

Zuko hasn’t been able to get out for regular walks recently due to his person’s recent medical issues. He would be very happy to get out every day for short daily walks. Zuko loves to swim too but that’s an activity he hasn’t been able to engage in recently.  We are told Zuko has arthritis but he can still manage stairs at this time. However, one must keep in mind he’s a big dog who won’t be easy to carry up and down stairs on a regular basis if he’s adopted to a home with a lot of stairs to climb.

Zuko has impeccable manners; he’s going to make a wonderful family member. Zuko has spent his life in service to his people, he certainly deserves a home where he will continued to be loved and also cared for the rest of his days. Zuko is located in Seattle, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopter to do their own evaluation.