By Paula Moreschi


#GiveBIG  is a two-day online giving event, and it’s a wonderful time to remember the old dogs. We greatly appreciate the donations we receive during #GiveBIG, but I’ve also been reflecting on how many of you give big to old dogs every day.

Old Dog Haven’s fosters, staff, volunteers and YOU give BIG to the dogs in so many ways. Whether its sharing social media posts, making a donation, caring for one of our permanent foster dogs, and a long list of other things, people with BIG hearts are always showering our dogs with loving kindness.

Today I would like to share some thoughts from a few of Old Dog Haven’s Final Refuge families about why they love to give BIG to old dogs every day.


“There are many things I love about being a permanent foster. One is that I get to know so many different dogs. People often have one or two lifelong dogs, but I have gotten to know and love so many.  I also love being able to advocate for old dogs with people when they find out about the dogs we have in our home. It is a conversation starter that really gets people thinking. It has been a very important connection for me to make with other people.

“Having Final Refuge dogs has changed my life in many ways. We love being able to give comfort and happiness to a senior dog. Having them in our home rather than being left in a shelter is the thing that keeps us going. Doing that one last thing. “


Karen & Charlie

“There is nothing more gratifying to us than helping a sick, fragile, confused dog that through no fault of their own has lost their owner and home. We love helping to bring them back to health and it is such a joy to see the dogs begin to feel better. Their personalities start to emerge and they bring us joy just being themselves.

“It is always difficult to lose them but it is so gratifying to help them as much as we can. They need us and we are able to help.  What’s better than that?”


Chris, Carly and Christian

“It is so fun to watch dogs that have come from difficult circumstances experience everyday joys like walks, going to the beach and laying in the sun. We don’t know if they have ever done it before, but they are so happy now. We have enjoyed seeing the positive changes in each dog and with everything they have been through they are willing to open their hearts and love us, which is so amazing.

“Each dog is different and deserves as much love and happiness as possible and if we can have even a small part in that it’s worth the heartache of losing them. We know our dogs Lily and Ozzy, who recently passed away, would want us to help as many senior dogs as possible. We strive every day to be the people they believed us to be.”



“Every dog I have fostered has had their own personal health issues, but no matter what, the love they show, and the way they accept their new environment amazes me. You can see that once in a loving home they feel secure and develop the strength to recover because they are not alone.

“It is always hard losing them but with the pain of goodbye, one must learn to remember the good times. Knowing that there is always another dog waiting at the shelter that needs a home and wants love is what keeps me going. The rewards are countless. I only wish that there was an Old Dog Haven everywhere so all abandoned senior dog would have a home.”


Please join us May 4 & 5, #GiveBIG, to give hope to senior dogs in need and help ensure Old Dog Haven can continue caring for over 310 dogs in permanent care. ALL money raised during #GIveBIG is going to the dogs, and this year YOUR GIFT WILL GO EVEN FURTHER with our $52,500 matching funds. You can schedule your gift today to be processed on May 4, #GiveBIG. Click here.

Thank you for giving big to old dogs today and every day!

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