Today Old Dog Haven founder and Director of Veterinary Services/Dog Manager Judith Piper shares her fond memories of some of our Maranda Fund Dogs.


Since the Maranda Fund was started in 2010 over 150 dogs have been helped. We started the fund because we saw how wonderful it was for Maranda, a final refuge dog in our care, to receive an extensive and costly knee surgery. She was comfortable, mobile and lived a full and happy life for the rest of her years.

It was a big financial commitment for one dog, however, for something that didn’t HAVE to be done. So we thought having a separate fund for major one-time procedures would help more dogs and it has. The fund was named The Maranda Fund in her memory.

Over the years as we have become a much larger group the majority of these procedures have been specialty surgeries, MRI’s, and specialty dentals for dogs that come to Old Dog Haven with absolutely horrible dental disease.  While a few dogs didn’t survive, most have had their lives vastly improved by the generosity of those who donate to the Fund. It’s wonderful to watch the results, and we are grateful every day that it is possible.


So many of the dogs helped by the Fund are forever etched in my mind! First of course is Stacie (the most wonderful cocker ever) who had an extensive emergency surgery by a specialist in a specialty center on her fourth day with me.  She became one of the dogs deepest in my heart—and she was the book cover dog for Laura Coffey’s book My Old Dog.




Felicia, a min pin who came to Old Dog Haven with a gigantic fatty tumor hanging off her rib cage, had a major surgery that changed her life. She could walk normally, lie down comfortably, and enjoy her home.





Phillip, a little shih tzu, came to Old Dog Haven with a group of bladder stones packed into his urethra—dangerous and very painful.  A wonderful surgeon was able to safely remove them and give him another year to be comfortable and loved.





Clarence, another cocker, had the same specialty surgery as Stacie’s and also recovered completely to be cherished by his Old Dog Haven foster mom.







Smoke, a lab with unbelievably infected ears—dripping pus from holes that infection had opened up—had his pain taken away by a very skilled surgeon who had to split the procedure into two parts since the infection was so bad.  Smoke kept his wonderful attitude through all of this, as most of our dogs do. They just endure it and are so happy that we love them. It’s wonderful to watch them lose their pain and thrive in an adoring Old Dog Haven home.




Old Dog Haven’s Maranda Fund fundraiser is October 1 – 31. Your donation to the Fund will make it possible for us to keep up these efforts for dogs that so deserve a comfortable, pain-free last chapter of their lives.  Our foster parents make the major efforts to care for them, but we rely on the help of our wonderful donors. A lot of dogs are very grateful.

The 2021 Old Dog Haven calendar is our gift to you with your donation or $40 or more. You can make your gift here. If you would like to sponsor one of our 2021 Maranda Fund dogs click here.  During the month of October all Maranda Fund dog sponsorships benefit the Maranda Fund.

Thank you dear friends. I am “furever” grateful for your support.



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