Sponsor a Final Refuge Dog


The dogs shown on our website as Final Refuge (permanent foster) dogs are spending the last part of their lives as members of the family in one of our wonderful ODH homes, surrounded by people who love them, with excellent medical care.   They have been deemed unadoptable due to health issues, too fragile to move again, or very close to the end of their lives.  These dogs are being supported in their retirement homes by your donations. Thank you!

If you would like to make a connection to one particular dog, please consider donating a sponsorship.   Our sponsorship program is $25 for three months.  You can see all our Final Refuge dogs to pick the dog(s) you’d like to sponsor here!

Your donation will help with medical care and expenses for all of the dogs in our Final Refuge program, but your “special dog” will appreciate having a friend and you’ll receive a card with his picture. Sponsorships make wonderful gifts and memorials as well.

To Sponsor a Final Refuge dog, please use one of the Sponsorship Forms linked below. Or you may use the Seattle Foundation’s Click & Pledge program or PayPal to send in your sponsorship, and then you can send any additional instructions by e-mail to office@olddoghaven.org

Click to download a Word Document of the ODH Sponsorship Form

Click to download a PDF document of the ODH Sponsorship Form

A sponsorship listing on the website is followed by the last month of that sponsorship or for ‘lifetime’ sponsorships, there is a golden heart displayed.   If the dog you are sponsoring dies we will move your sponsorship to another dog. If you would like to change your sponsorship to a different dog, please email us at donations@olddoghaven.org. If you are renewing a sponsorship but not using a sponsor form, please note on your donation that it is to continue your sponsorship so we can properly identify it.

The costs involved in caring for our senior dogs include veterinary care and surgeries, medication, special diets and supplements, and euthanasia when quality of life has diminished.

We are an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization (TIN 65-1249528). Contributions are tax-deductible.

You may access more information and an application for fostering or providing permanent foster care HERE. You may download some hints on how to introduce a “new” old dog into your home HERE.