Loves her new home

November 30, 2016 We Remember

Little Cloris, a small shih tzu who seems elderly but has a VERY determined personality, has needed that determination to have endured all the pain she had. She was...

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Happy and playful

March 25, 2016 We Remember

Arnold found himself in a shelter at about 10 years old and was so popular that he was part of a program to teach school kids about handling dogs....

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Great ambassador

January 8, 2017 We Remember

Duke found himself in a shelter at age 13 when his owner no longer could care for him and friends drove him to safety. He moved into an ODH...

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A truly happy dog

July 16, 2017 Final Refuge, We Remember

Sweet Roxie and another dog had to be rescued from a trash-filled house when thankfully a neighbor heard then crying and called police. We are not sure how long...

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Quiet girl and very much loved

July 10, 2016 We Remember

Chili is a quiet little chihuahua who found herself in a big shelter with missing hair and bad skin, nasal discharge and a cough. Once in her ODH home...

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Chihuahua enjoys life

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Lleno, a long-haired Chihuahua was taken into a shelter with a group of tiny dogs from a hoarder. Although he has no teeth and diminished sight, he very much...

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Loving girl - loved to run

July 26, 2018 We Remember

Helen came to ODH after landing in a shelter in pretty bad shape. Many rotten teeth, very thin, hair missing from the back half of her body plus most...

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Loving girl - strong spirit

July 16, 2018 We Remember

We Remember Amari The Yoruba tribe in Africa have a word for strength: Amari Amari was only able to stay with us for seven weeks, but during that time...

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Truly lovely little girl

July 15, 2018 We Remember

We named Arike for a star women’s college basketball player whose name means “something you see and cherish”.    She was left at a shelter by owners who couldn’t afford...

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Loved the pasture

July 15, 2018 We Remember

Dear Evan, a small shih tzu, was another “stray” who came to us very thin and with labwork suggesting either kidney disease or GI disease.     What we got was...

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