Finally safe and loved

March 15, 2017 We Remember

Stardust came to her Final Refuge home emaciated and withdrawn. She had been surrendered to a local shelter in horrific shape, the owner telling staff her 3 year old...

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Happy on the farm

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Freckles ended up in a huge shelter at 13, after he was picked up off-leash in his neighborhood and the owner wouldn’t admit he was her dog. Evidently he...

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Loves to snuggle

May 30, 2016 We Remember

Juno is the sweetest old gentleman ever. He ended up at a shelter after being passed around in a neighborhood, perhaps because of his cheery energy but most likely...

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Finally found love and much needed care

March 11, 2017 We Remember

Lola came to ODH after losing her adoptive home and being left outside by the next caretaker, hugely obese and skin raw from untreated allergies, nearly unable to move...

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A dear sweet old girl

March 9, 2017 We Remember

Mindy was brought unceremoniously to the shelter after her person had gone to a care facility. The ex-husband had been coming by the house twice a week to care...

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Terrence (aka Papi)

Little pup with a huge personality

March 9, 2017 We Remember

From Terrence’s ODH mom: Terrence, aka “Papi” had a huge personality. We called him our lovable curmudgeon. Like so many dogs who have experienced a hard life, it took time to...

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Shih Tzu - fashion model

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Toffee, all 12 pounds of her with a great Shih Tzu bustle to her walk, was brought to a shelter at the age of 8 when her owner went...

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Lively and agile Shih Tzu

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Sammy – probably a Shih Tzu mix – was left at a shelter with his buddy when their owner went into a care facility. Not an uncommon story except...

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Truly loved life and was so loved

December 29, 2015 We Remember

From her ODH dad: Here we were again, In a parking lot waiting for our next “Final Refuge Dog”. We knew she was a medium sized German Shepherd mix....

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Funny dear boy

February 20, 2017 We Remember

Sid, a very sweet lovable husky, was about 14 when his owners finally stopped bailing him out of the shelter and ODH was asked to take him in for...

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