The very sweetest boy

January 19, 2020 We Remember

Winston cam to us as a “hairless” schnauzer they figured had been wandering around for a while.  He was such a sweet boy we knew we couldn’t let him...

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Loves walks and hanging with her pack mates

February 13, 2019 We Remember

ROXIE had a life home with her brother for 13 years.  Then the pair found themselves in a Shelter.  They were adopted together, but her brother was soon returned...

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Really settled in and ruling the roost!

October 29, 2019 We Remember

Opal’s the name – fitting for a little old lady, don’t you think?  Old Dog Haven heard about me, blind and hanging out in a shelter, so they found...

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Enjoying the good life

October 25, 2018 We Remember

Nine year old Max arrived at his vet with a broken leg. His owners couldn’t afford his needed surgery and had asked the vet to put him down. The...

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Penny (Heeler)

Loyal and affectionate companion

December 29, 2019 We Remember

From Penny’s Final Refuge Dad: My heart is heavy with grief as I send this. I thought by fostering an old dog, that somehow I wouldn’t get as attached...

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The happiest dog!

September 12, 2019 We Remember

Redd came into a shelter at 14 years old, after being a one-owner dog.  He had several health concerns including possibly early kidney failure, he has at least one mast...

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Sweet and active

December 13, 2019 We Remember

Please welcome Sully the Yorkie mix to the Old Dog Haven family! Sully was a stray who was first brought to the good folks at a local shelter before...

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An amazing old man

February 25, 2018 We Remember

Dear (Mr.) Pickles is an almost 16 year old toy poodle loved by his only  owner who unfortunately died and Pickles ended up in a shelter. Knowing that he...

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Tireless worker!

December 23, 2019 We Remember

Jaxon wound up in a shelter and Old Dog Haven found him the perfect home. His Final Refuge mom was able to take him to work with her so...

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Friendly, happy girl

April 20, 2019 We Remember

In a shelter, Diva was already a terrified little Miniature Pinscher with terrible teeth, but then was found to have diabetes. Much to her relief, Old Dog Haven rescued...

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