Loves cookies, snuggles and pillows

October 21, 2016 We Remember

Rosie is a Shih Tzu who found herself sick and blind and weighing 25 pounds in a shelter when her owner couldn’t afford her medical bills. Rosie was a...

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Cuddly and opinionated

September 15, 2019 We Remember

Rowdy is quite the character! With no eyes, no teeth and all the personality, he has no problem explaining to you that he doesn’t like things. With his gums!...

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Bucky (Lab Mix)

A very special, gentle dog

November 21, 2020 We Remember

Bucky was left behind with another dog when his family moved. Bucky and the other dog were moved to a shelter and the staff knew Bucky would be hard...

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Cinni & Jesse

Loving, brave duo

November 9, 2020 We Remember

Cinni and Jesse are living their best lives, after several difficult years.   Their owner died of cancer and they went to live with another family member.  Then that owner, and...

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Loves to snuggle

January 30, 2020 We Remember

Romeo came to bichon frise rescue when his owner died. The family said he had a “minor” pee problem (he dribbled). With ODH’s help, the rescue found a home...

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Sunny (Cocker)

Loves to learn new tricks

September 13, 2019 We Remember

Sunny is a cheerful, treat loving, 14 year old cocker spaniel.  When Sunny was picked up at the shelter she was deaf, almost blind, and trembling. Her first few...

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Very loving old girl

June 16, 2020 We Remember

Like so many of our ODH seniors, Blue found herself left at the shelter at the ripe old age of 16 after her owner died.  Unfortunately, Blue had suffered...

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Molly (Cavalier)

Loving her new life

July 9, 2017 We Remember

When Molly, a cavalier king charles spaniel, was left by her owner at the shelter, she was a mess. Her long coat was full of dirt, poo and miscellaneous...

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A friend to all

July 10, 2019 We Remember

Becky: A puppy at heart Becky was brought to the shelter as a stray. She was diagnosed with bad teeth, probable infection, and a leg with an old injury....

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Bella (Cocker)

Gentle soul

December 17, 2018 We Remember

Bella, at almost twelve years old, is a happy dog full of love and hope, despite all she’s been through.  Over the years, Bella ha​d​ been with several adopters...

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