Bouncy and fun!

March 12, 2018 We Remember

Tomasa, a Scottie with a great personality, was left at the shelter at age 11.   She’d clearly been a loved, well socialized, happy pet but there she was –...

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Treasured in her new home

January 25, 2018 We Remember

Terra came from the shelter very anxious and stressed.  We don’t know what she went through before winding up at the shelter, but it left her very damaged both...

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Good friend and companion

April 3, 2018 We Remember

Our memorial to Abel My husband found Old Dog Have through our vet clinic and we loved the idea of helping old dogs. I  began checking the ODH website...

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Chihuahua - look under the covers

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Lily came from the shelter with many issues: missing the front part of her lower jaw, rotten teeth, both kneecaps out of place, heart disease, and mammary masses. Lily...

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Chihuahua - now healthy and found her voice

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Jena came to her Final Refuge home after a month-long stay in the shelter where she was brought in as a stray. Understandably stressed at the shelter, she had...

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A gentle soul

March 31, 2018 We Remember

Reno found himself in a shelter at age 13 when his lifetime family fell on hard times; he had clearly been loved and valued.   He adapted as best...

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Loves to cuddle

March 3, 2018 We Remember

Little Humphrey was unrecognizable when left at the shelter for euthanasia; he was supposed to be a schnauzer so staff contacted Old Dog Haven’s “old schnauzer home”.     He was...

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Spunky camper

February 13, 2016 We Remember

Naomi, a little old lady poodle, was yet another “stray” brought to a shelter looking pretty bad. She wasn’t spayed and therefore had several mammary tumors. Since coming to...

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Tiny snuggler

January 7, 2018 We Remember

Mavis was left at a local shelter with a stomach that resembled a water balloon.  This senior lady had been bred over and over until she developed hydrometra, which...

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Very busy boy

February 3, 2017 We Remember

Marmaduke (Duke) is a Min Pin with cropped ears and tail. At 12 years old, he was adopted out of the shelter twice and brought back both times due...

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