Molly (Yorkie)

A pure joy

January 30, 2020 We Remember

Ten year-old Molly was surrendered to a shelter along with her lifetime housemate Macie, another senior Yorkie, and they came to their Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home together....

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Active and Sassy!

October 9, 2019 We Remember

Little Ruby was found abandoned in a rural area. The family who found her were not able to locate her former owners so they contacted Old Dog Haven for...

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Happy and very loved!

June 7, 2022 We Remember

Zoey is a sweet senior chihuahua who was tearfully surrendered to one of our local vet clinics for euthanasia when she became paralyzed. Zoey’s owner could no longer care...

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Fun loving

September 15, 2021 Maranda Fund Recipient, We Remember

  Pugsley was left at a shelter and deemed unadoptable due to his health issues.  He was taken in by Old Dog Haven and placed in a Final Refuge...

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Enjoying his new home and foster sister

November 18, 2021 We Remember

When ODH contacted us with a possible good fit for our household we were instantly smitten by the picture we were sent. Tyrone was picked up as a stray,...

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A happy, happy boy

December 4, 2019 We Remember

We brought Bucky home after quite a caravan ride.  A shelter volunteer drove him to Olympia from Vancouver, Washington and then an ODH volunteer brought him to South Center...

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Loves her new life....and TREATS!

May 21, 2022 We Remember

Libby, a senior Boston Terrier, was surrendered to the local shelter when her owner became too ill to take care of her. Old Dog Haven stepped in and found...

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Loves his new family

September 11, 2019 We Remember

Noodle, a very small Maltipoo mix (?) was left a stray at a local shelter  – intact, dirty and matted. No one came for him. The shelter neutered him...

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Loves to prance and sing!

November 21, 2020 We Remember

When Jasmine lost her elderly owners she was taken to a shelter. Jasmine was adopted out several times but sadly returned each time. Old Dog Haven came to the...

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Smiling, lovely fellow

September 14, 2021 We Remember

Lovely Aldo came into Old Dog Haven care after a one-month stay in a shelter. When he was found as a stray, he was obese (over 70lbs), he had...

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