Choko (used to be Rocko and Choko)

Two buddies love to explore

June 26, 2016 We Remember

These two tiny poodles were brought to a shelter at age 13 by their owner who said she couldn’t afford to pay for their dentals. Once in their ODH...

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Loves every day

October 25, 2018 We Remember

Hazel is an almost 14 year old Shepherd mix who found her way to Old Dog Haven from less than stellar circumstances – and with heart troubles, bad skin,...

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Pug - loves his pug pack

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Zeus the Pug was left at a shelter in pretty bad shape. His skin was a mess, he had chronic ear inflammation, but his eyes were what disturbed the...

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Shadow (Doxie)

Found happiness

April 23, 2017 We Remember

Shadow was left at a shelter when his owner had to move. This handsome guy was really obese, moved with difficulty, had a number of odd growths, had a...

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Ellie Mae Clampett

Loves to unmake the bed!

October 17, 2018 We Remember

Ellie Mae was found abandoned in a yard with 6 other dogs. When taken into the humane society it was found that she has a mast cell tumor on...

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Bobby (Bob)

The very most gentle loving boy

June 1, 2019 We Remember

Bobby was left at a shelter by his owner. Originally he was put up for adoption, but because of his severe arthritis and horrible Hip Dysplasia, it became obvious...

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Happy in his new home

December 26, 2017 We Remember

Several weeks after we lost our first ODH dog, Judith asked if we were ready to welcome another dog into our home. We had packed away the toys, bowls...

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Happy and cuddly

December 27, 2018 We Remember

Lars arrived at a shelter “stray”, intact, filthy, with an unsteady gait. He was in bad shape and he wasn’t eating much at all at the shelter; staff was...

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Loves everyone

December 23, 2016 We Remember

Update:  Those huge eyes were Thomas’s weak point all along.  When one became very painful and he became confused it was time to say goodbye.   We will all miss...

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A silly and fun-loving girl

December 13, 2019 We Remember

This old black and white Lab mix girl had a history of being abandoned by her owner. She’d be picked up as a stray, sent to the shelter, and...

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