Miniature Schnauzer - with a voice

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Norma is a petite miniature schnauzer who came into the shelter with a microchip saying she was 11 years old, but the owner didn’t respond to notices. His loss,...

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Found the 'fountain' of youth

February 20, 2017 We Remember

This handsome fellow (Archie) is a large chocolate lab/pitbull mix who came from a busy shelter with a questionable prognosis on how long he would be with us. He has cutaneous...

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Small Sheltie loves herding

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Girlie, whose name was Lady before she “grew” into this one, is a very tiny Sheltie. Her owner died, the family couldn’t care for her so she was left...

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Mr. Chips (aka Chipper)

Wonderful ODH greeter

May 14, 2017 We Remember

Mr. Chips (Chipper to his ODH family), a 5.5 pound Pom mix came to us in September 2016. He has/had several issues – oronasal fistula despite having no teeth...

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Dachshund mix - young at heart

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Ren is a dachshund mixed with something else but definitely has the dachsie personality! She was brought to a shelter by an elderly owner who couldn’t remember if she...

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Cassie Belle

Wildlife Warden

October 28, 2016 We Remember

When Old Dog Haven bailed Cassie out of the shelter she spent several weeks at Home Base with Judith and Lee while her bladder stones were removed and a...

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Sweet old man

June 2, 2017 We Remember

Arthur was found crawling in fleas with much hair already scratched off, and with maggots in his ears. The shelter tried to remove the maggots and to treat all...

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Beautiful Lady

Gentle soul

June 2, 2017 We Remember

This beautiful old lady was dumped out of a car at the very end of her life. With an ugly, reeking, infected tumor on the top of her head...

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Getting younger in his new home

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Little Eric was surrendered to a shelter at 12 years old, a sweet and gentle dog with mature cataracts so very limited sight and with a moderate heart murmur...

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Still fearful but learning to play

November 14, 2015 We Remember

Beautiful Kahlua came into a busy shelter thin, very fearful, with nasty skin and coat damage and some neurologic deficits in her weak hind legs.   She’s continued to...

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