Dear sweet pup

January 13, 2023 We Remember

Sweet Bob is a 14 year old Pomeranian who landed in a shelter as a surrender. It was found that he had health issues that required immediate attention. ODH...

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Nikita Milagro

In a loving home at last

April 11, 2022 We Remember

Nikita Milagro came to ODH at the age of 14 years.  She had been locked in her crate and left by her owners when they vacated their apartment.  When...

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Happy and affectionate and loved

September 13, 2019 We Remember

After a month in a shelter and a brief stay with a very nice temporary foster family, Alf arrived in her forever home. When a comment was made that...

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Allyson Felix (Ally)

A true champion

August 31, 2021 We Remember

Allyson Felix (Ally) Ally is an older Maltese that was used as a puppy mill mama. When she no longer served a purpose, she was passed to 3 other...

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Annie Girl (cattle dog)

Truly enjoying retirement

September 15, 2021 Maranda Fund Recipient, We Remember

  This little cattle dog is living proof that despite years of misfortune, broken-down old dogs given love and compassionate care can begin new, wholehearted lives. Annie had always...

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Colonel Mustard

Enjoying his new home!

September 15, 2021 Maranda Fund Recipient, We Remember

  Colonel Mustard had been on the streets for a long time before he arrived in Old Dog Haven care. This very old boy really needed a home and...

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Living it up in her new home

November 13, 2021 We Remember

Wee Marybell has a new home! This little Chihuahua mix needed a quiet, calm place to land and call her own. Thanks to your support of seniors like her,...

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Sweet and resilient boy

November 30, 2022 We Remember

Oliver is a Maltese thought to be around 14 years old. He came into a shelter in horrible shape, emaciated at just 4 pounds, and with mats covering his entire...

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Funny and very loving

March 7, 2022 We Remember

From his Final Refuge mom:  At 12 years old, Eggar was turned in as a stray to a local shelter.  He came to our family intact and in pretty...

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Biggest smile

February 3, 2021 We Remember

Meet our sweet girl, Juno! Juno came to our Old Dog Haven family after being surrendered to a local animal shelter. Her previous owner was moving and couldn’t take...

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