A very happy boy

November 4, 2018 We Remember

When Behr came to his foster family he had very little fur due to the shelter needing to shave him almost bare. He was badly matted and full of...

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Feeling so much better

July 23, 2017 We Remember

When she came into ODH care from the shelter at age 14, Leia was overweight and had lost much of her coat (see her “before” picture). And, as is usually...

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Ella Mae

Very loving little girl

October 1, 2017 We Remember

This lovely little old lady (now called Ella Mae), who is a bit unsteady on her feet and almost totally blind, found herself in a shelter after being picked...

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Gives lots of love and devotion

February 13, 2019 We Remember

Gumby’s foster family likes to think of him as everyone’s favorite grandfather. He makes all the appropriate old man noises, smells, and hurumphs at all the right times –...

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Dear, sweet boy

September 16, 2019 We Remember

Ridley came to us after being returned to the shelter four times. He was the poster boy for “I Don’t Know Who I Am.” He was so damaged; physically,...

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Enjoying the good life

February 26, 2019 We Remember

  Porter was delivered to a shelter as a stray. He was estimated to be around 10 years of age and was scheduled to be euthanized after being diagnosed...

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Lhasa - can do tricks

March 19, 2019 We Remember

  Hermey is a wonderful, FUN old dog. He found himself “stray” in spite of being almost completely blind – we often wonder how do all these old blind...

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A new home and new best friend

January 23, 2019 We Remember

Little Rooney found himself left at a big shelter at age 14, very confused and very frightened.    He’d never been neutered and looked pretty scruffy.    Immediately after arriving in...

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November 4, 2018 We Remember

Ginger was brought to a shelter when a woman came home and found her tied to the railing on her front porch with a bag of dog food and...

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Lovely roommates

November 4, 2018 We Remember

Shaylah and Wyatt, were two unlikely roommates who figured out how to peacefully coexist.  They joined their new Final Refuge family within a few months of each other and...

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