Sweet, cuddly and easygoing

July 23, 2017 We Remember

My sad heart lifted when I read the email from Judith that began…”I don’t know if you would consider another cocker – but this guy needs out of a...

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Loves laps and cuddle time!

November 26, 2018 We Remember

Mookiee’s the name! In 2016, I was wandering the streets as a 10-year-old, mostly blind and not able to hear much.  It was pretty scary.  I ended up in...

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6 pounds of fun!

November 12, 2015 We Remember

Sully is a silky or yorkshire terrier – we’re not sure which – who spent over a month in a shelter waiting for a place to go. He had...

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Sparkling personality

February 19, 2017 We Remember

Cassie, 4-pound toy poodle with a little something else in there, arrived at the shelter two weeks before her 11th birthday, terrified, confused and in need of immediate medical...

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CeCe Tzu

Very sweet girl

November 6, 2016 We Remember

CeCe lost her home when her elderly owner was no longer able to care for her.  When CeCe first came to her foster home, she was a very round little...

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Loved attention

March 11, 2019 We Remember

Dear Truffle This wonderful chocolate cocker showed up as a stray buried under hair, but shelter vets immediately discovered his hideously painful eyes that needed immediate treatment.    We took...

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So glad to be alive

October 25, 2018 We Remember

According to Raven’s second set of surrender forms he is a 14 year old Lab mix. According to Raven, he is a seven month old Chihuahua puppy!!! On the...

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Now happy and healthy

April 8, 2017 We Remember

Logan was left by his owner at the shelter,13 years old and extremely obese at 32 pounds. He had serious arthritis that really limited his liability, flea dirt, and...

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Cooper Bailey

Loves to cuddle

March 28, 2016 We Remember

Cooper Bailey, a beautiful cocker with an exotic Hershey brown color, was surrendered to the shelter because his owners could not afford the eye care he desperately needed. Like...

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Cheerful and Happy

July 28, 2018 We Remember

Hawkeye was brought in stray to a large shelter, at 13-15 years old with advanced osteoarthritis and testicular lesions. It was love at first sight for most everyone at...

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