Very sweet

February 13, 2016 We Remember

When Babar’s owner passed away he was surrendered to a rescue who couldn’t afford the extensive medical care he needed. Luckily, Old Dog Haven was able to take him in. Since...

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Beautiful boy

June 9, 2019 We Remember

Trevor’s person died and the family couldn’t keep him, so at 12 years old, he ended up at the shelter. Physically, he was in pretty good shape, except for...

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Loving her new life

May 7, 2019 We Remember

Koda, a 14-year-old shepherd mix, was surrendered to a shelter when her previous owners had to move.  When ODH got the call about her, we were told she was...

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Enjoying each day

April 6, 2020 We Remember

From Button’s Final Refuge Mom: BUTTON was luckier than many – she spent only 5 days in the Shelter from the time her owner surrendered her, to when Old Dog...

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Playful girl

February 18, 2017 We Remember

Maddie was left at the shelter at age 13, WAY overweight but still cheery and quite healthy. She had lots of lumps and bumps, mostly fatty lipomas, and lots...

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Small, spunky dynamo

January 26, 2019 We Remember

I have no idea how a half-blind, hard-of-hearing, 4lb dog could survive on the street, but Hamilton, Hammie for short, was brought to a shelter as a stray, infested...

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the Warrior Princess

November 9, 2018 We Remember

Stimpy – aka Warrior Princess This adorable, albeit a little funny looking, girl showed up at the shelter with early kidney disease and an atrociously rotten mouth. A waif of...

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Feeling better and a little sassy!

January 15, 2019 We Remember

Nicky found herself in a shelter when her family moved and was no longer able to care for her. Nicky’s exam at the shelter revealed abnormal test results. When...

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Living his best life

May 1, 2020 We Remember

Carlos‘ beginnings are a bit of a mystery.   We know he’s a chihuahua.   Yes.  Definitely a chihuahua.   But other than him being surrendered and eventually finding his way to...

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Rosy (Lab)

Very sweet girl

November 1, 2018 We Remember

Rosy was found ​at age 15 ​with another dog, abandoned, in an abandoned house. No one knows how long they were there, but Rosy wasn’t too thin and her...

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