Truly loved life and was so loved

December 29, 2015 We Remember

From her ODH dad: Here we were again, In a parking lot waiting for our next “Final Refuge Dog”. We knew she was a medium sized German Shepherd mix....

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Funny dear boy

February 20, 2017 We Remember

Sid, a very sweet lovable husky, was about 14 when his owners finally stopped bailing him out of the shelter and ODH was asked to take him in for...

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Loved her walks

February 20, 2017 We Remember

Shellie was a beautiful orange corgi mix, perhaps with pomeranian? At the age of 13 she landed in a shelter when her owner went into a nursing home. Shellie...

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Billy Bob

Loved his blankies

February 20, 2017 We Remember

Billy Bob, a min pin, showed up at a shelter as a VERY old man, emaciated and very weak and uncoordinated. One of our foster families took him home...

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Double Dapple Dachshund

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Bouncer was a stunning double-dapple dachshund surrendered by owner to a large shelter. As his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge fosters, we learned quickly why he had been named...

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Cute and funny Pekingese

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Mogwai. He came into our home the day before Thanksgiving, 2012. He was a real mess! He’d arrived at the shelter with a live flea nest on his head....

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Dearly loved

February 1, 2017 We Remember

Freddie.  What a personality he had…demanding constant attention. He was relentless in this, not sociable with his other furry companions most of the time, yet he was tolerant with...

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Champion cuddler

July 10, 2016 We Remember

Ollie the min pin came to ODH at about 13, and became his family’s little cuddler. If he’s not on one lap he’s on the other or cuddling with...

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A life of leisure

November 7, 2016 We Remember

Clint ended up in the shelter after his prior owners moved out of their home and left him behind. Being a quiet, calm old man (although he looks pretty good for...

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Finally at peace

January 11, 2017 We Remember

Avery came into the shelter as a “stray” weighing 31 pounds, looking like a huge pink watermelon – distended in all directions. He was a big pom (the old...

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