​Ivy’s Corner – Holiday Giving Guide

November 19, 2022 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Ivy is back with some helpful hints for your Holiday Giving.  As an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dog, she has noted what types of gifts folks seem to enjoy so feels that she is somewhat of an expert! “Greetings!  My Final Refuge mom agreed to take dictation again, so I’m all set.  This post…

​Ivy’s Corner

October 24, 2022 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Ivy is an Old Dog Haven dog that came to her Final Refuge home almost two years ago in dreadful shape as you can see below. In just a few months, with excellent vet care, lots of love, warm beds for daytime naps and a big bed where she sleeps with her mom, dad and…

Ask Murphy

May 2, 2022 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  A brief word from dogs about Old Dog Haven and #GiveBIG Today I would like to talk with you about something close to my heart—my fellow old dogs and Old Dog Haven. I found my permanent family through a listing on the Old Dog Haven website. A family saw me on the Dog Haven…

Foster Family Stories

April 25, 2022 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

What it’s like to foster an Old Dog Haven dog Old Dog Haven stands on the foundation of our foster families. If we feel that an old dog is unadoptable due to medical or other issues these are the wonderful folks that bring these dogs into their homes for the remainder of their lives. Old…

Ask Murphy

December 13, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  It’s the holidays—so, instead of advice, I would like to offer you a present from dogdom. This wonderful poem, originally written in 1823, has been passed from dog family to dog family. Called, “What a Night Before Christmas!” It was written by Nicola, Clement Clarke Moore’s dog. A people version exists as well, but…

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November 8, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

 By Robert Pregulman   This month we welcome back guest blogger, Robert Pregulman, who runs Seattle DogSpot, a comprehensive resource for all things dog in the Seattle area, including dog friendly businesses, dog event calendar, and a blog about dog-related issues. In this blog Robert shares his thoughts about adopting a senior dog. Thank you, Robert.…

Thayne’s World

September 13, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Grey Muzzle Rescue and Sanctuary by Thayne Hamilton

Productive Grieving for an Animal Friend

August 9, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

If my use of the word “productive” to describe grieving sounds odd to you, indulge me a bit while I ask you to think about grieving in a way that can be productive. Grieving, like any emotion, can be productive if you allow yourself to experience the emotions attached to grieving in a way that…

Creating a Legacy for Your Pet

July 12, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  By Peggy Hoyt   Note: This month we are delighted to welcome guest blogger, Peggy Hoyt, J.D., M.B.A., B.C.S. Peggy is a Board Certified Specialist with the Florida Bar in both wills, trusts and estates and elder law. She is an author, speaker, host of the weekly “pawcast,” All My Children Wear Fur Coats,…

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