Placement Assistance

Dog Placement

The waiting list for ODH foster homes is always long, sometimes very long.  We prioritize the oldest dogs in shelters; we can only very occasionally take in a dog directly from the owner. However, if your dog meets our basic criteria, we can try to help find an adopter by posting on our website and Facebook page – both get a great deal of traffic from people specifically looking for older dogs. We do not charge for our services.

09posedforothers-150x150 If the dog is in decent health, under 12, and well-socialized with no major behavior issues we are often successful in a month or less. Older dogs or those with issues are more difficult but we will try. Good pictures are extremely important in this process!  Your contact information will not be posted on the website or Facebook. If there are inquiries we will very briefly screen and refer them directly to you. Any adoption decision is your responsibility and we will have no further involvement.


Our criteria for helping with placement are:

  • At least 8 years old (it is difficult to place dogs over 11, but not completely impossible; dogs 13+ are very seldom adoptable);
  • Spayed or neutered;
  • Housebroken;
  • In Western Washington;
  • No bite history with people, or serious dog aggression;
  • A note: It is far more difficult to adopt out a pair. Please consider that it may be necessary to place your dogs separately to give them a chance for a new home.

We can put the dog on the waiting list for a foster home if he is:

  • At least 12 years old and not likely adoptable (those 10-12 with serious life-shortening medical conditions will be considered also);
  • Spayed/neutered, housebroken, in Western Washington, no bite history with people;
  • Able to live with other dogs (all our foster homes have at least one other dog and often several);
  • No serious prey drive (most of our foster homes have cats also);
  • Some breed restrictions for many foster homes.

If you would like ODH’s assistance in finding a home for your dog, and your dog meets our criteria above, please contact us: Email is the fastest and most reliable way to reach us. You may also call 206-280-7614 if you have questions.