Volunteers Part 2

Last month I talked about volunteers, but we have so many tasks taken care of by our wonderful volunteers, there’s more to say:

We take great pleasure in thanking our donors (more about the importance of our donors in another blog) and we’re very fortunate to have a dedicated group of thank-you card writers who send handwritten notes to every donor. Yes, I said handwritten notes. We value all our donors regardless of the size of their donation, and want them to know that we appreciate their support so much that we make our thank you notes as personal as we possibly can. In fact, we have several donors who say their donations are made not only to help the dogs, but because they love getting a nice thank you from one of our volunteers. This is a big effort and we have Holly to thank for not only writing thank you notes, but organizing and sending all of the cards and envelopes to the rest of our note writers.

There’s also a special kind of thank you our volunteers love sending to the people who sponsor a dog. Each of our sponsors receives a card with a photo of the dog they’re sponsoring as well as a handwritten note. This is also a time-consuming effort and we thank Kelsey for writing and coordinating the sponsor thank-you cards.

We also have a kind and sympathetic volunteer who creates and sends condolence cards to foster families who’ve had to say goodbye to one of their dogs. These beautiful cards are sent by Susie on behalf of all of us at ODH.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the Adoptable Dogs section on the website. These are not ODH dogs, but are courtesy postings for people needing to find homes for senior dogs. We have Lahni to thank for helping people place their senior dog.

Did you know that our board members are also volunteers?  And, our Board President, Kriscinda is also the coordinator of the Bonfire Store.

Special kudos to board member Rita Chan, who is helping with the auction for the 20th anniversary party as well as designing and maintaining the website for the event.

 We’d also like to give a shout-out to the many volunteers who help collect donations from the cans placed in various locations, and we’d also like to acknowledge the volunteers who help with calendar distribution. Finally, thank you to the volunteers who help at our big summer event.

As you can see, our volunteers are very good at multi-tasking. All of our volunteers are very much appreciated for what they do for our dogs!  Thank you! Thank you!

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