We often have people contact us who want to know where we’re located because they’d like to come and visit our facility, and they’d like to meet our dogs. But, as most of you know, we don’t have a facility, and meeting our dogs would involve a very long road trip that would mean visiting over 200 homes. We’re not a place. We’re a state of mind.

Old Dog Haven is a collective of like-minded people who care about unadoptable senior dogs in western Washington. Beyond caring about them, we care for them. They come to live with us in our homes and become part of our families. Their medical needs are taken care of by our dedicated veterinarians. Their mental and emotional needs are nurtured by the state of mind in our homes; we love our dogs and value their presence in our lives.

What I’ve described above is a state of mind put into action. It’s walking your talk. It’s a mental and emotional state that goes beyond being just concerned about animal welfare. It’s a need to make a difference in an old dog’s life, and the ability to translate that need into something tangible.

Yes, Old Dog Haven dogs live in places, but those places are havens because of the people and other animals living there. The energy of hope, compassion, love and security infuse these places, and they become more than physical locations. Houses become homes. Homes become havens.

Everything our dogs need to know can be found in their hearts because that’s where we live. And they live in our hearts. It’s a shared state of mind.

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