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Even though almost all of the dogs taken in by Old Dog Haven aren’t really adoptable because of physical, mental or emotional issues, on occasion we do get dogs that are adoptable. I’d like to tell you about three dogs that are—or soon will be—adoptable with the hope that you might consider welcoming one of them into your home and heart.

These dogs didn’t arrive in perfect health. They’re adoptable because Old Dog Haven has—with the help of our skilled veterinarians, specialists and our generous donors—addressed their issues so they’re good to go to a forever home.

Salty1 SALTY DOG is an eight year old nine pound maltese. Salty had a genetic heart defect (PDA, Patent Ductus Arteriosus) repaired through inserting a device up the vein rather than surgery in the heart—thanks to the skilled cardiologist at Seattle Vet Specialists. Salty’s heart murmur is nearly gone and may disappear entirely, and her heart is as strong and healthy as any other dog’s heart. Most dogs die by 18 months if this isn’t corrected but she was a survivor! After her heart defect was repaired, she was able to have a full-mouth-extractions dental that was so badly needed.

Here’s what Salty’s foster mom Lorraine has to say about her:

“Salty is not a complicated girl.  She was playing with a toy within five minutes of her arrival.  She LOVES toys!  Salty was never submissive.  She knows what she wants and is quite independent.  Although she chooses to sleep on a chair, rather than my bed, she is extremely cuddly and will snuggle her head right into your neck. Salty will bark if someone comes to the door, or a dog passes in the street.  But she is not a yappy dog.

Salty2“Not having any teeth does not stop Salty from enjoying a bone or cookies.  I do soak her kibble to make it more digestible.  Salty is a food dog and responds well to food rewards. She was not house broken when she first arrived, but it did not take her long to learn to ask to go out.  I put a diaper on her if I am leaving for a few hours, and it will usually be dry when I return. Also, at night, I will diaper her.  She will ask to go out around 5:30-6:00 am, and the diaper will be dry. Although Salty is fine left alone, she is always ready to go for a car ride.  She is good about staying in her seat.


salty3“Salty’s social skills have strengthened a great deal.  She can be a little bossy, but takes direction well and settles down nicely.  She is currently sharing her space with two other dogs. Salty has one tear duct that is permanently blocked.  I wash her eyes with a wet face cloth, regularly. Her fur is fine and requires combing.  I take her to the groomer every three months.  I wash and blow her out myself and the groomer clips her.  She stands quietly in the bath and lets me suds her up and rinse her off.  She is compliant about everything I ask her to do.

Salty is a lively little girl and smart as a whip.  And she is curious.   She would do well as a family pet, or a companion for an active senior.  It is important that Salty be taken for regular walks as she would become bored left at home all the time.”



Gooeyshelter1When GOOEY was at the shelter they found bladder stones and enough skin issues that half of her was hairless. Since she came to Old Dog Haven she’s had a cystotomy and her bladder is getting back to more normal function. She’s also had a dental and her skin is gradually improving. It won’t be long before her coat is gorgeous.





Gooey2Gooey’s foster mom Shirley says this about her: “Gooey was pretty subdued when she first got here and so we didn’t know how much difference a little time, and getting rid of a painful bladder stone, was going to make on her personality. The new Gooey is a happy, funny little dog that makes us laugh every day. She never walks when galloping would work, and when she gets excited, or just for fun, she gallops in big circles around the house sounding like a herd of…well, dachshunds. She is 9-10 according to her microchip, but she insists that is wrong and that she is actually only two and she’s sticking with that. Gooey loves (in no particular order) food, friendly people, leashes and walks, car rides, children of all ages, sun, her blanket, treats, dog doors, other short legged dogs. She also loves cats–too much. She probably would be OK with a big mellow dog-friendly cat, but they are way more fun if they will run.



gooey3“We think Gooey is just about the perfect dog. It has taken awhile for her injured bladder to get back in shape, but she is doing great and really tries not to have an accident in the house. She is fun, well-behaved (most of the time; no one’s perfect), healthy (just monitor for bladder stones coming back), affectionate, gets along everywhere she goes. And she is adorably cute. She is working on growing back some hair she lost as a result of the fleas and then she is looking forward to finding an active family with some canine companionship (especially if they also have short legs!). It will be a lucky family who takes her home.”


stella1STELLA is a nine year old pug that suddenly went blind from SARDS ((Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration). She has had lab work, an ultrasound, x-rays, has been spayed and has had a dental.

Stella’s foster mom Gretchen says this about her: “Stella the Wonder Pug is a total sweetheart and a merry soul. She is a typical pug—snuggly, stubborn, snorting, and comical. Being blind doesn’t stop her in the least, and her powers of mental mapping are formidable. Once she has familiarized herself with your house (she’ll find the kitchen first) and garden, she will find her way around so well that you might forget she can’t see. However, you may have to prevent her from plunging into that rosebush at first! She would love to have a ‘bumper’ harness one day. Stella loves her daily walks (part of her slimming routine), snacks, snoozing in the sunshine, and being snuggled and having someone to play with her.


stella2“I’m working with her on her recall, which so far works best when Stella thinks it was her idea to begin with! As an older girl, she does need to get out to relieve herself every few hours—she’s been doing a crate-training refresher session and is doing great! Friendly with everyone, she gets along just fine with the dogs and cat in her foster family, although she does need peace and perhaps solitude during mealtime. Stella is a bit worried that some unseen animal may sneak up on her food bowl, and while she has learned to trust that her foster ‘pack’ will stay away, she once bumped into a chair leg while eating and then spent a full two minutes growling at the chair!




stella3“Stella enjoys meeting new people, and loves children. She does not seem stressed by a busy family household. However, as she is blind and somewhat senior, it would probably be best for her to live in a home with dog-savvy children over five years of age. With a comfy bed inside she is happy to sleep in her crate at night, but is also happy to sleep in a dog bed on the floor, on the couch, or on your bed. Her health is very good, but she will need to be on Cyclosporine eye drops for her lifetime.”




If you are interested in adopting her please email:

Stay tuned:  When Gooey and Stella are available for adoption they will be posted on the Old Dog Haven Website!


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