By Leslie Brown


Even though I’d love to talk about the wildly successful Walk for Old Dogs, I’ll save my coverage of this extraordinary event for the September Old Dog Haven E-newsletter and you can read all about it there. But … I will say that even though the final numbers aren’t in yet, we raised over $140,000 for the senior dogs in our care and between 450-500 people and dogs attended. Pretty amazing isn’t it? More in the newsletter ….Ardeth


For this week we thought you might like to hear a bit more from A Dog and a Keyboard


“This morning I passed a mirror and saw some gray hair on my face. I saw it under my chin too. I heard this happens to old dogs. Even young dogs.

“I’ll tell you another thing that happened. My mother started giving me icky dog food. She said I was getting a little fat. That’s great. The new me. Gray and fat.



“Have you heard people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? That’s simply not true. Not for me anyway. Last week I learned how to balance a Cheerio on my nose. I was pretty good at it.

“My next trick? Sneaking into the car when my mother’s not looking. I don’t like to be left alone so much anymore. I want to go wherever she’s going.




“I hope she doesn’t give me away like my last family did. I couldn’t help it if I grew up and wasn’t a puppy anymore.

“But she doesn’t seem to mind that I’m getting a little gray and a little fat. I know she loves me anyway.

“Except for that icky food.”



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