Last week I watched The Polar Express as I do each year during the Christmas season. The message of the film is a powerful one that extends beyond a charming story, and it can be seen in what happens within the Old Dog Haven family every day of the year.




Our donors believe in what we do, and they support our efforts in ways that are tangible evidence of their belief in us.





Our foster families believe that they can offer a second chance at happiness to our dogs, and they walk their talk every day as they welcome old dogs into their homes and hearts.





Our staff works long hours to make sure that our organization is functioning in the best way possible because they believe in our mission and know they contribute significantly to our success.






Our tireless volunteers believe in helping ODH in many ways to show others what a strong belief system can do in promoting ODH.






Our supportive community believes in our mission and extends their generosity and support.





Our veterinarians believe in helping our dogs in every way possible, and they are always available to care for our dogs and treat their medical needs.







Our dogs believe in the power of love and they show us that they are grateful for an opportunity to be happy dogs and to be valued and respected as family members. We are better humans because they believe in us.





So, on the eve of a new year, all of us at ODH wish you a happy new year and we send our hopes that what you believe is made real in everything you do. Believe.

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