Most of the important lessons I’ve learned in this life have come from dogs. Especially senior dogs. What they have to teach us is always clear, uncomplicated and free of the analytical and judgmental approach to learning that is so often true of humans.


This week I want to pay it forward by sharing with you some of the lessons I learned from my friend Corrie. In doing this I’m able to not only honor her memory and pay tribute to a very special dog, but also to pass on some valuable advice from a dog that gave new meaning to the word “teacher.” When you read through the list you might think that some of these lessons are only relevant if you’re a dog, but I encourage you to think outside the box a bit and apply them to your life as a human. You’ll see what I mean.


  1. When another dog barks at you and you know he isn’t playing or trying to tell you that your hair is on fire, just smile and walk away.
  2. Live in the moment. That’s all there is.
  3. Don’t allow your physical difficulties to define who you are.
  4. Be kind and helpful.
  5. Don’t complain or be negative.
  6. Whenever you see a tennis ball, chase it. There might be a treat inside.
  7. Stop searching for the meaning of life. It’s not lost.
  8. Walk your path with joy and don’t step on the flowers.
  9. The glass is always half full.
  10. Share your toys; it’s not always all about you.
  11. It’s all about love.

Thank you, Corrie.    

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