Ari is my name and I’m here to find a new home. Don’t you think I’m a good looking boy? People say I’m a labrador mix. Mix with what? Your guess is as good as mine. I weigh 45 pounds and I like to stay lean. My family adopted me when I was a wee one at the shelter. I’m 9 years old now which isn’t that old! I am in good shape; I can go up and down stairs and I can “hold it” for quite a long time while you’re away from home. I spend the day on the couch for the most part, I’m not super active but I do enjoy a game of fetch. I will admit that I’ll pull on leash, so maybe you can get me one of those special harnesses that will stop me from pulling and we can go for walks together? So here’s the deal: I’m a dog who needs to be an only dog-no other animals, please. I’ve tried so hard to be a good boy with the young kids in my home even when they aren’t very nice to me. They are too young to really know better. The grown ups know my reaction to the kids’ treatment is not my fault. They’ve tried hard to keep us separated but it’s not working. I don’t like being kept away from the people I’ve known most all of my life when I know they’re at home! I will tell you that I worried when we moved once. I am a sensitive boy so when I find my new home, I will need time, patience and reassurance that everything will be OK. My people have crated me and that helps me feel secure-you can talk with them more about that. They will tell you all about me and say that I’m a loving pup who is very affectionate. I will cuddle on the couch with you and in bed with you too if you’ll allow me it-I’ll keep you warm and never let you feel lonely. I’m really laid back once I settle in. My hope is to find a home with people that will make me theirs forever. If you aren’t the one who can do that, maybe you know someone who can? I sure hope so.”

Ari is in Dupont, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.