8 year old Ava is a beautiful, 88 pound Belgian Malinois. Ava is not only beautiful, she’s smart and very well trained. For 7 years she worked as a service dog for her owner’s PTSD and anxiety.  Ava was trained by an agency in Washington state; for more information about this, one would need to talk to her current caregiver.  She does best with women and the hope is she will find a home with someone who is home often or someone who can take her along to work.

Currently Ava is living with another dog whom she does well with. We are told she does well with new dogs but not cats. She is good with kids of all ages; she would of course appreciate children who are old enough to know to be gentle with her.

She spends her days inside, going out as she needs or wants to. We are told she can manage without a potty break for quite a while. Ava barks to let you know someone is at the door. She can manage stairs but Ava does have arthritis. She’s a big girl and one must take that into consideration when adopting her. A dog her size won’t be carried up and down stairs easily!

Ava appreciates her daily walks but can pull some so she needs someone who can manage her strength and size. She has spent most of her life in service to a person who needed her, she deserves a home with someone who can afford her care. Ava should find a home with someone who will appreciate all she has to offer and give her a home for the rest of her days.

Ava is located in Kenmore, WA. She needs a home soon.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective  adopters to do their own evaluation.