Never has a little dog lived up to his name so well. ODH gave him another round and Champ literally jumped off the canvas. Brought to a shelter with ravaged lungs, he charmed the shelter staff, charged out the door, took a mighty pee in the grass, leapt in our car and charged into his new life determined to enjoy every precious second. We only had him for six weeks but are better for it, and would like to pass on Champ’s Rules of Life. • Never climb into a bed when you can dive into it. • Eat fast so you have time to eat more. • Don’t just wag your tail, shake your whole booty. • Burrow deep into covers and the affections of others. • Sunbathing is fabulous. • Everyone is your friend. • Get the cat! • Watch everything for a new chance to have fun. Bye buddy, we miss you more than you know. – from his Final Refuge family