Hi, I’m Chani! As a senior gal of about 9 years old, I like to take it easy and am the mellow sort. I really love my walks, and though I can’t go real far, I’m plenty strong though so managing my weight (about 70 pounds) should be something you can do. I love sniffing all the smells. It is my favorite thing ever! I’d love to curl up on a pile of pillows and be your bestest girl forever – what do you say? I lived with another dog in the past so if we have to share you, I could be OK with that!

Recently I got to spend some time in a foster home. Here’s what they said about me “Chani was a perfect guest. She settled in remarkably quickly and acted like she had always been there. She warmed up to us really quickly as well and seemed to be especially fond of our 10 year-old son. (She liked sitting on his bed as he was falling asleep like a true guard dog.)

She loved getting attention, always flopping over on her back and waving those big “lion paws” in the air. If you stopped and she determined you were not in fact finished, she would gently place a paw on your arm or nudge your hand with her giant head.

We never heard her bark but she did howl ever so softly when one of us left the house. She seemed to get very attached to “her pack” quickly.

She LOVES taking walks and is always ready to go outside. She seemed happiest outside– even just laying in the backyard and catching a breeze.

Overall we found Chani to be super affectionate and loving. She clearly loves having a family and was very comfortable in our home. Her favorite spot was in her big comfy bed in front of the picture window. She is eager to please, loves treats, and is very smart..”

Wasn’t that nice of them to say that about me? I’m back at the shelter now and hoping that someone will come for me and this time, keep me forever! Will today be my lucky day?”

Chani is posted for the Seattle Animal Shelter, located in Seattle, WA. Please check their website to find out more and apply:  www.seattle.gov/animal-shelter/find-an-animal/adopt#dogs

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.