Chiquita was a tiny, mostly blind Chihuahua who was found “stray” and taken to a shelter. With no chance for adoption, Old Dog Haven was asked if a Final Refuge home could be found for her.

It was obvious Chiquita had suffered from long-time neglect. She was underweight and she was very itchy and yeasty with large patches of missing hair. Chiquita was later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease rare in dogs.

She had untreated severe dry eye because of 0% tear production and her teeth were rotting in her mouth. In spite of all of this, she was sweet and trusting; everyone was her friend.

Thanks to the support of Old Dog Haven donors, Chiquita had the very best veterinary care. For over 3 years Chiquita was a very happy girl, kept pain free and enjoying her life with her family and her best friend Tulip.

Only weeks after her cuddle buddy Tulip was sent on, it became sadly obvious that Chiquita was ready to follow her. Chiquita’s Final Refuge family greatly misses this special little girl.