“Hi, I’m Copper, I’m a 9 year old coonhound country boy. I am a good size, about 65 pounds.
I love to be lazy and cuddly. I have a memory foam bed and I sleep with two blankets. I love it when my people “make” my bed for me by arranging my blankets for me. When I’m not sleeping I want to be close to people. I am in heaven if someone lays out a blanket and cuddles with me.

“Long ago and far away, I was found by a good citizen wandering the countryside and given to a shelter. While I haven’t been able to communicate what happened to me as a pup, the signs indicate it was likely abusive. As a result I am anxious and often need to be reassured. I thrive when I have a stable schedule with regular exercise. I am much more confident when my owners train me and give me commands. I’m highly food motivated. I can learn commands quickly if you have food. I was recently diagnosed with a food allergy so I am currently transitioning to a restricted diet but am otherwise in good health.

“I LOVE all dogs, especially ones that are my size or bigger. I love to greet and play chase with other big breeds. I like to howl when I’m having a good time. I tend to get worn out pretty quickly from playtime and will want to break away and go sniff so I need a secure yard. I appreciate dog friends that can respect my limits. My family thinks I’d be really happy in a new home with another dog to have for company. I can get anxiety when I’m left alone for too long. I never destroy things or misbehave but become clingy when my people come back home. I take a pill for my anxiety. They can tell you all about that.

“I used to live on several acres with many cats and chickens. I’ve successfully chased off foxes, raccoons, and coyotes. Now that I am getting older, please don’t expect me to guard your livestock. While I’m still active, I also love to chill out INSIDE my home. Please don’t mistake me for a dog you can just leave outside to live!

“I don’t appreciate being woken up abruptly or my bedding moved while I’m snoozing. Because I do get startled when woken from sleep, it’s best to keep me out of a home with young kids. I have never lived with or been observed around children. Best to keep it that way, I think, unless you have kids that are older and know to let a sleeping dog lie.

“I love to wade in water and sniff around in tall grass or cattails. I will sometimes point if I find a good scent trail. Because of my hound genetics, I will set off to find what I’m smelling. This could get me lost easily, especially once I find a new home. Please keep me safe so I won’t wander! I will pull on leash because I’m not accustomed to being leashed. You must be strong enough to manage that and teach me leash manners. My current family trained me not to guard  though I’ll admit I can get territorial over treats and bones. Further positive reinforcement training could be fun and rewarding to me and my new people.

“I need a dog savvy household that can help me feel confident and give me stability. I am a sensitive boy who doesn’t like loud noises-so please don’t think I could go hunting with you. When I get stressed, I tend to shut down and hide.

“Now you know a lot about me. If I sound like a dog who could join your family, I am ready for my true forever home!”

Copper is located in Issaquah, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.