Cosmo sounds like a truly terrific dog! He’s a 75 pound Lab/Chow mix who just turned 10 years old. Cosmo has never lived with other dogs but he loves them. He goes to doggy daycare so he can have time with other dogs. Cosmo has lived with cats and does well with them. Cosmo helped raise his family’s children, he’s been good with kids that are gentle with him.

Cosmo loves his walks. He will pull but a Gentle Leader harness has helped control that. Cosmo would love to have a home with a fenced yard with room to run.  He will bark when he’s excited or when people come to the door. Cosmo can stay alone for a work day without any issue. He can manage quite a while without needing a potty break. If you want to sleep in, Cosmo will too-how considerate of him!

We bet Cosmo would love a home with another dog to pal around with as we’re told he loves to play with dogs. This handsome boy enjoys sitting in the sun, getting brushed and petted. Like we said before, he sounds like a truly terrific dog!

If you’d like to make Cosmo a new member of your family, he’s waiting in Kirkland, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.