Dickey is adorable. He is an 11 pound Pomeranian who is 11 years old. We’re told that Dickey has lived with both cats and dogs but when he meets new cats or dogs, he can be a little excitable. He is said to act the same way when he meets new people: he gets barky and very friendly, it takes him some time to calm down but once he does he’s fine. Dickey has been good with gentle children.

Currently Dickey is spending a lot of time in a crate because his person developed an allergy to him.  The isolation could be part of the reason he’s so excitable when he’s out and about. We can understand that!

Reportedly Dickey is not a barky dog at home (that’s good!). He can do stairs and stay alone for a work day. Dickey is used to getting a potty break about mid-day when his person comes home from work.

He’s said to be good on leash and while he doesn’t require a lot of exercise, getting him out and socializing him will probably be good for him. Dickey is described as “a lovely, happy dog”. He deserves a home where he can be out with his people. Dickey is in Issaquah, WA., waiting to join his new family.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.