Littermates Duncan and Greta have lived their entire 13 years together. The pair are lovely Husky/German Shepherd mixes. Greta is the bigger dog of the two, weighing 80 pounds. Duncan weighs 70 pounds. It’d be a true gift to give them the home they need to stay together for the rest of their lives.

Greta and Duncan are slow to be social when meeting new dogs. They were recently boarded and did well with other dogs. Proper introductions can be so important when integrating a bonded pair of dogs to a home where dogs are already present and established. The siblings have lived with a cat and they are said to be cat friendly dogs. We are told they are good with kids of all ages but because they’re larger dogs with presumed arthritis, a home with older, gentle kids would suit them best.

Greta and Duncan love their daily walks but they can pull on leash. That means 150 pounds of strength if you walk them together! An adopter should keep that in mind, these dogs are not ready for a sedentary lifestyle. At this time the pair are spending a lot of time kenneled. Surely they’d rather not be! Greta requires a potty break every 4 hours, Duncan can last a bit longer but he’ll follow his sister out.  They can reportedly do stairs at this time but  the chance that that could change as they age is very possible.

While Duncan is not much a barker, Greta is “the talker” and if you ask her to, she’ll sing! Duncan is described as being sweet, strong and stoic type. They are shedding dogs so one must be ready to brush them and sweep up after them. But they are gorgeous, aren’t they?

The pair have had recent veterinary check ups with lab work done. Nothing too serious was seen but their owner can share results with potential adopters. When considering adoption, one must always be prepared for the cost of providing regular veterinary care and the cost feeding a dog.

Greta and Duncan would love to have a home where they’re spending more time with their people, where they can go for daily walks and enjoy their lives to the fullest. They are waiting in Bothell, WA. for their adopter.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.