My name is Gooey (I have a longer name I will share with you if we meet). They tell me I am 9 years old, but I am sure that microchip is wrong – I feel like I’m only 2. I am a miniature wire-haired dachshund lady and I weigh a svelte 12 pounds. I guess my life before I discovered Old Dog Haven wasn’t very good because I showed up at the shelter in pretty bad shape. It’s embarrassing because I didn’t have a lot of hair from scratching those miserable fleas and I couldn’t quit peeing.

When I got to my foster home a nice doctor took a painful stone out of my bladder. Now I’m growing back my furry coat, I’m back to being perfectly housebroken, and I feel great! I have fun galloping around the house, and playing with my foster brother. I love to chase squeaky toys, especially the soft ones that I can tear to pieces (I’m told that isn’t good so I guess I shouldn’t have those unless you are watching me). I like to chase the cat here, but I’m actually afraid of her if she doesn’t run so I probably wouldn’t bother a big mellow dog-friendly cat. I talk, sometimes loudly, to my family when I want something but I’m not very barky outside and I know to stop when I am told.

I am having a lot of fun at my foster home but they tell me there could be a place even better called a forever home, where I would never have to move around again. My perfect home would be an active family (I love children of all ages and I know how to be very gentle with the little ones), with a dog brothers or sisters (particularly if they have short legs like me).

Because of my bladder stone I will always have to eat a prescription food (it’s really yummy) and have things like carrots and apples for treats. My new doctor will have to check frequently that I don’t get a stone again, but otherwise I am healthy and I don’t have to take any medicines. I have moved a lot recently so I can get pretty upset when you leave me; I learned to handle it in this home but I may go through it again when I’m in a new home.

If you are looking for a happy fun little dog, that’s me! Let’s meet (and I will tell you about my secret name).

I am currently at an ODH Foster Home in Edmonds, WA.