Gracie eagerly awaits the perfect person or family to help her break free from her shyness. This beauty is an 8 year old, 55 pound German Shepherd and Jindo mix.

After surviving five months as a stray, trust doesn’t come easily to her, but her longing for love shines through in every interaction with her foster family. You’ll often catch her approaching, ready to offer a lick or a curious sniff, yearning for that special connection.

When meeting Gracie you will notice she has an unusual stride. It’s a testament to her resilience, a reminder of an injury she was born with that has failed to slow her down. Despite her unique gait, she moves with a perky energy, which reflects her unwavering spirit.

Gracie enjoys the playful chaos of other dogs and finds comfort and joy in their camaraderie, which is why a multi-pup household would be a great match for her. She does need a fenced yard though; a safe place where she can explore and bond securely with her new person or family.

With unwavering commitment and a sprinkle of patience, Gracie is destined to thrive. Her gentle nature and unwavering affection has a special place in the hearts of her foster family, and in a forever home, she’s poised to blossom into the vibrant soul she was always meant to be.

Gracie is posted for Useless Bay Sanctuary. She is located in Woodinville, WA. For more information about Gracie and how to adopt her, please email:

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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