Gracie is an almost 9 year old chihuahua. She weighs 13 pounds (needs to lose a couple more…) and she was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Gracie is a goofy little sweetheart of a dog! She LOVES to be scratched and petted, but she does NOT enjoy sitting on your lap. Gracie is mostly house trained and used to sleeping in a crate with a pee pad at night. She walks very well on a leash when she is leashed up — though she rarely needs a leash when taken outside. Gracie does not really enjoy other dogs or cats, but she tolerates them very well as long as they don’t try to mess with her too much. Gracie would likely do well with older kids that are respectful of dogs and let them have their space. Gracie is on twice a day insulin which requires a small injection. With a little distraction, the injection is easily done and she can continue her busy day of napping, rolling around in her bed, and waiting for the treat bag to crinkle so she can beg for treats! Gracie is a really great little dog who deserves her own people to dote on her, sing her songs about how cute she is, and scratch her little butt multiple times a day!

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.