10 year old Gunner is a wonderful Golden Retriever who weighs about 75 pounds. This gem of a boy is in need of an adoptive home very soon.

Gunner has lived with other dogs and cats. Proper introductions and integration should be practiced with Gunner to assure the best outcome for him in his new home. Not surprising, he is said to be great with kids. Of course we would want a home for Gunner where he is treated with respect and kindness by children. He is a senior whose reaction time isn’t as quick as it once was, he shouldn’t have to worry about moving out of the way of young kids who could accidentally hurt him.
Gunner loves walks and playtime. He enjoys the outdoors but is an inside dog! Gunner’s people use a harness for his walks which works well for him. He responds well to verbal commands. He’s described as “a people pleaser”. Gunner will bark when he’s excited.
With his move, Gunner may show some anxiousness.His people recognize he needs a more stable home than they can provide him with. Goldens are loving and loyal but sensitive too. Gunner’s adopter should show him patience and compassion as he learns the routine of his new life, in his new home. His people share that he can be scared of loud noises. While he’s been OK to stay alone when his people leave, they suggest giving him time to feel secure before he’s left alone for too long. One could gradually work up to this so that Gunner learns you are going to return!
Gunner had surgery to remove a benign lump on his tail His owners will share his health information with potential adopters. Currently Gunner can manage quite a bit of time between potty breaks. He can do stairs now and while he shows no signs of arthritis, one would think at his age, a joint support supplement would be helpful to keep him moving comfortably.
If you’ve ever shared your home with a golden, you know how special they are! Gunner sure sounds like he lives up to his breed’s reputation.
Gunner is located in Clinton, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddohaven.org
This is a courtesy post. Gunner is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.