Darling Gus is a very handsome 8-9 year old terrier mix. He is very sweet, a little shy but very well behaved. He is housebroken and has great house manners. He does well in a crate but prefers to be with his human whenever possible. He sleeps with his foster currently and loves to curl up on the couch. He is a very nice little dog who will give a special someone a lot of love. Gus is a laid-back little sweetheart. You don’t have to take his foster mom’s word for it, everyone from the vet to the groomer to strangers on the street love this little guy and sing his praises for being such an easy going guy. Gus loves hanging out wherever you are! Nuzzling up next to you on the couch, or against your leg while you sleep, that is where he is happiest. The fastest way to get his tail wagging is to take him for a leisurely walk where he can sniff around and make friends with other similar sized pups. He is a bit uneasy around dogs bigger than he is so he typically just avoids them. He doesn’t show interest in chasing birds or cats or getting into things, really just wants to be near you. He is pretty trustworthy and happy enough to hang out in his crate and take a nap while you are away. Gus is not a young guy but he doesn’t have any trouble getting around. He is generally quiet, and can be easily startled by loud noises as he gets adjusted to his new surroundings. He would make a great companion for someone looking for a laid back best friend to hang out with. Gus is posted for Love A Mutt Pet Rescue and is fostered in Seattle.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.