12 year old Henderson is a unique Chinese crested mix. We don’t have an exact weight for him but he is under 15 pounds. After living in the same home since puppyhood, Henderson is in need of an adoptive home because young children stress him. We don’t hold that against Henderson as we know senior dogs don’t always appreciate the bold and unpredictable actions of toddlers. Let’s help Henderson find a home where he doesn’t have to worry about children, not even visiting ones!

While Henderson doesn’t appreciate toddlers, he loves adults! He is a playful fellow. We are told that Henderson hasn’t been too welcoming to dogs in the past but he could live in a home with cats as he’s been known to ignore them. Henderson is a friendly fellow once he gets to know you. With time, patience and understanding-losing a lifelong home isn’t easy!-it is believed that Henderson will adapt.

Henderson will need an adopter who takes him to the vet for regular vet care and  upon adoption, a full senior check up with lab work as that has never been done for him. He has not had regular vet care with the exception of vaccines. Henderson’s adopter should be able to afford regular grooming. He was recently shaved very short but there are photos of him with a full body of hair. Of course if his hair is grown out and there are mats, those hurt to be pulled on so he needs daily gentle brushing and care. So if you enjoy a dog who could go either way and like to “play” with different styles or dress him, Henderson could be fun for you once he learns you will be gentle with him.

It sounds as though Henderson can have some food guarding issues. That means he needs someone who is skilled, tolerant and big hearted to help Henderson feel more secure. No dog should feel that they have to protect their food! We are told Henderson does fine being alone at home for quite a few hours. During that time he manages without a potty break but as he ages, he will need more opportunities to relieve himself (as we all do!). Henderson is good on leash and he loves walks! He can manage stairs and usually likes to sleep on the couch in the living room during the day or at bedtime.

Henderson needs a dog savvy adopter, one who will take great care of him and show him that he is loved and cherished. We’d bet in a home without stress, he is going to really thrive!

Henderson is located in Orting, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.