Herbie’s nicknames sum him up best; Herbie the Wonder Dog and Herbie the Love Chug. This resilient and cheerful little Chug (chihuahua-pug) came to ODH totally blind and with a broken hip that had healed without apparent veterinary intervention. His first ODH person, who absolutely adored him, died and Herbie, already one of Old Dog Haven’s older dogs, found himself with a new pack. Surprisingly he thrived, revealing a passion for going on walks; charging across flower beds, through bushes and toward curbs as his new humans frantically tried to keep him from collisions and falls. He quickly worked out his new food routine and, in a summation of his approach to life, barked with gusto, his front legs lifting completely off the ground.

What a hole he leaves with those who loved him and what an example in living he gave.

eHerbie chi-pug WR-111615