When you first meet Lenny your arms will long to scoop him up and kiss and cuddle with him. He sits so still and looks like a stuffed doggie. In the car he is silent and still. Lenny is a 9 year old, 15 pound Shih Tzu.

He dearly loves having a human and prefers them to other dogs. There is conflicting information though about how he feels about men. He lived with a man before his lost his home. His first foster dad enjoyed him. He is spending the night with a man and they are both fast asleep together. The belief is he needs a quiet home without a lot of comings and goings.

Like many little stuffed doggie toys, he appears to have an “on” switch and can be very vocal when he needs to be. For three whole weeks he never “talked”, barked or moved much. Once he felt comfortable then he was willing to express himself.

He should be the only dog in the home, have adult adopters, and have a steady and regular routine. He might bark at other dogs while on leash so probably should stay away from dog parks. Furbaby will want an adopter to be within a reasonable driving distance.

He is a terrific little dog but just has some quirks that need to be learned more about. Benny needs a home with someone patient and committed.

Benny is posted for Furbaby Rescue and is being fostered in Olympia, WA. For an adoption application, please email Sandra at: psbarks@gmail.com

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.