Though Lightnin’ Hopkins plies his craft in the Pacific Northwest now, his soul is from deep within the Mississippi delta. This bluesman was singing a tale of woe on the mean streets of Everett without a place to lay his weary head or keep his guitar. Through a turn of good fortune he made it to the shelter and then into an Old Dog Haven foster home. Now he’s only singing them deep blues when he gets left at home or when he’s waiting for dinner, which he is always sure isn’t appearing quickly enough.

Lightnin Hopkins the pug came to ODH with many medical issues, as is so common. He had a dental, several opthalmologist visits, and treatment for a nose crease infection. More significantly, we removed the stones in his bladder and now he’ll have very regular monitoring for infection or crystals and eats a prescription diet to prevent further problems. Glad he’s off the mean streets and getting a lift in the stroller when needed too.

Update:  After an amazing almost 3 1/2 years, it was time to let this sweet soul go.  He had a wonderful ‘last chapter’ with his family and will be very much missed.

Lightnin Hopkins pug4-FR021316