“My person calls me “a beautiful boy”. She named me LuckyBoy and I have been lucky to be so loved by her. Unfortunately, life has changed for us and I am to the point where I can no longer be left all alone. My person is receiving complaints about my whining and barking when she leaves our condominium; she has tried everything she can to help me. In my new home, I need a friendly doggy buddy to keep me company. Of course it could take some time and patience from my new person to help me settle in once I reach my new home.

“I am 12 years old and my person says I am an English Springer Spaniel mix. I weigh 45 pounds which is a good weight for a dog as I’m not tiny and I’m not huge. I am just right! I LOVE going for walks and spending time at a secure off-leash dog park. I like meeting other dogs as long as they aren’t mean, then I’ll try to run away from them!  I can pull on leash but with a special collar my person puts on me, I am easier to manage.

“I am in good shape for my age. I can still do stairs.  I am a very happy boy when I get to come along for a car ride (when it’s not too hot or too cold out, of course!). I have gone to the vet for shots and an exam this year but it’s been a while since I had a full senior dog check up. My next person should be able to afford my vet care, good quality dog food and regular grooming. Look at my pretty coat! People tell me I am regal looking. I think that must be something good!

“Not only am I handsome, I am smart. I know tricks and commands. I went through obedience training too. I have done some time at an agility course as well. At this time in my life, I need a potty break every 4-5 hours.

“While I’ve never lived with cats, my person thinks I may be OK with them. I can’t promise you that but I certainly try to be the best boy I can be. I am good with kids who are respectful of me. I have been with my person almost all of my life and it’s going to be hard on both of us to part but it is necessary. I hope whoever takes me home will be kind and show compassion to me. I believe I have a lot of love to offer someone.”

LuckyBoy is located in Tacoma, WA. For more information, please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org 

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.