“My name is Luna and I’m an 11 year old cocker spaniel. I weigh 27 pounds.  I am looking for a home with someone who is around more often than not. I get anxious when I’m left alone for too long.  If you are looking for a companion to love and share your life with, I’m your girl!

“I have lived with another dog in the past. I don’t really care much about other dogs; I’m more interested in people. I can’t tell you how I’d react to a cat. Kids are OK as long as they give me space and don’t chase me.

“I like to go for walks but I can pull on leash. I get excited and my nubby tail wags like crazy. Playing ball is fun. I love snuggling in blankets and I like to climb into bed with my people in the morning before they get up for the day. I can do stairs and I’m a good watch dog; I’ll be sure to let you know when someone is at the door.​   I am not a fan of car rides so please don’t plan on me being a co-pilot. ​

“I have so much to offer, surely there’s someone out there who will appreciate me. I’m a loving, sweet dog who needs an adoptive home soon.”

Luna is located in Marysville, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.